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The harnessing powers of the internet are truly indispensable in our daily life. Shopping, communicating and researching can all be done within few scrolls, sharing photos is not an exception. If from before you can only see your friends’ photos by looking at printed albums, today you can view thousands of images from different people by simply connecting to the internet. This is the magical wonders brought by image uploading sites.

Photo sharing websites feature online application that upload and display digital photos online. Their main function is to share photos uploaded by users privately or publicly. If you want to share photos on your blog, website, forum, or even to a friend, you can simply upload the image using these websites and in return you will get a posting code or link. The provided link can then be shared online which leads directly to the uploaded image hosted on the server of the site. You can also bring your photos to web space for easy management and also saving your memory space. Check the beneath video demo for step-by-step guide and read comprehensive reviews after the jump.

#1 Free Image Uploader

If you want to share photos fast and efficient, Free Image Uploader is what you need best. This tool can store pictures in the cloud, generate codes and links quickly and directly share images through social websites.  Besides, there are tons of other features users will truly enjoy. With it, you have an option to create a free account which will only take 1 minute to make. It will even give you a storage space of 1 GB upon registering for saving private stuffs with security protection. What makes Free Image Uploader very unique as compared to other photo uploading services is that it does more than sharing pictures.

#2 Imgur

ImgurAnother online image uploading site is Imgur. Like most similar sites, you need to create an account before you can start using its services. Uploading images with it is easy, you can simply drag and drop any image to the front page or use the web/computer icon to load pictures. After which you can share the picture or post it to web with the link given by this site. Bear in mind that the free account of Imgur would not give you any privacy controls, you need to purchase the pro version to have this functionality.

#3 TinyPic

TinyPicIf there’s one image uploading site that is popular worldwide, it would be none other than TinyPic. Just like the first one being reviewed here, it also does not require you to create an account. But changing privacy options, profile picture and site preferences demands one. Using TinyPic is very simple- all you need to do is to browse the selected image, insert tags, identify the file type and hit the “upload now” button. However, using TinyPic requires a bit of experimentation to learn things because the site lacks instructions and FAQs.

#4 ImageShack

ImageShackUpon visiting ImageShack’s website, you will be greeted with a big counter depicting the number of images uploaded to this site since January of 2014. Clicking the “start now” button will directly lead you to the log-in page. ImageShack requires you to create a free or paid account and offers unlimited space. Also, it provides you with no ads, customer support as well as safe back-up. If you don’t want to create an account, you can sign-in using your Facebook login details. With its clean, polished, and widely used photo uploading services, it is indeed an established and nice picture sharing website.

#5 Free Image Hosting

Free Image HostingFree Image Hosting is indeed an all-around image uploading site. It offers hosting auction photos, sharing pictures, blog post image hosting, adding images to posts, creating photo galleries and putting images on social networking sites. It supports GIF, JPG, BMP and PNG formats with a file size limit of 3,000 KB per upload. Using it doesn’t need an account but if you want to manage your uploads and enjoy added features, making one wouldn’t cost you a dime.

#6 Photobucket

PhotobucketWith its sleek, modern and graphically attractive interface, no doubt that Photobucket is considered to be one of the best photo uploading sites ever made available to the public. It is 100% free to use but you need to bear in mind that pesky advertisements will pop-up from time to time. If you want to get rid of these ads, you need to upgrade to an Ad-Free Subscription. Also, it does have a bandwidth policy usage of 10GB cap. When you reach this limit, your uploaded image would no longer be viewable.

There are many image uploading sites you can choose from if you want to share your photos online. Some requires you to create an account while others can be used without one. One image hosting site in particular that will surely fancy your desire is Free Image Uploader. It is like having a complete image sharing tool packed into one. It can share photos online, store pictures, capture screen and edit images without registering or even shelling out a single dime.

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