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It has been ten years or more ever since digital cameras had been widely used. We can take photos wherever we go and whenever we want in order to keep the unforgettable moments. As the old saying goes: “It is more joyful to share the joy than to keep it to oneself”, thus it’s no wonder why you may want to share the photos of the good times you have been through with your family members or even friends who don’t live with you in the same city or country. There’re many sites which have been developed to fulfill the requirements regarding this matter, here we reviewed best photo sharing sites. Here is a video that shows you how to share image on these four most reliable sites: Photobucket, 23 photo sharing, Flickr, and Free Image Uploader. You can read the reviews after the jump.

I. Free Image Uploader

Free Image Uploader, one of the best photo sharing sites, is loaded with simple and straightforward user interface which makes it easy to upload and share your photos. Basically, this site supports four image formats for uploading which are JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP. Once you have uploaded photos, it offers you three types of link including direct link, html link and BB-code link of the photo you uploaded for you to share with others or embed into forum post and more. Or you can directly share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other social networks you want with just a click of button.

Another feature you may appreciate is that  you can set password protection for photos. Others cannot view the images you uploaded without your permission.

Pros: Free of charge, security protection, additional image editor.

Cons: Your friends can’t get access to your photos unless they get permission.

II. Flickr

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is the biggest photo sharing community on the web which gives you the ability to upload, organize, edit and share photos. It offers both free and pro accounts ($24.95 a year). With free account, you’re given image storage of 300MB. Photo tags and drag-and-drop settings make it much easier to organize photos as compared with other sites.

Flickr photo sharing

One of the shining points of this free photo sharing website is that photos you uploaded can be marked as public or for specific group. That’s to say, you can pick the person who has the permission to see your photos.

Pros: Easy to organize photo, support to configure privacy settings.

Cons: The user can’t modify the layout of their profile page.

III. Photobucket

As one of the easy-to-use online photo sharing sites, Photobucket offers several compelling features. With it, you’re allowed to upload and share photos with no ads. Just one click of button, you can publish your images to sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Friendster. This photo sharing service also offers apps for both iPhone and Android.


Aside from allowing you to upload photos and videos, it also comes with a built in organizer, editor, and searching tool which can help you to find your photos quickly. Specifically, you can efficiently organize your photos by adding titles and keywords.

Pros: Photo tagging, photo editing, available on smartphone.

Cons: There’s a lot of advertisement that comes along with it.

IV. 23 Photo Sharing

Comparing with other free photo sharing sites, 23 Photo Sharing presents a fairly simple interface but lacking features we’d expected. However, it can still meets your basic needs of sharing photos online. With it, you can upload 30 photos for free each month.

23 image sharing

As a premium member, you’re provided with unlimited storage for uploading photos via the web, email or mobile phone. More conveniently, it supports to upload images in batch. After uploading photos, you can organize them efficiently by adding tags.

Pros: Support batch upload images, photo tagging.

Cons: It does not have any help support options.

V. Picasa Web Albums

This online photo sharing site offers photo sharing, photo editing, album organization, video storage, and a desktop application for managing your photos. You can send links of specific photos or albums to anyone you want, via email or IM. Picasa Web Albums offers users with 1 GB space for storing photos and videos for free.

Picasa Web Albums

Like other online photo sharing sites, it empowers users to tag photos with texts or search images uploaded by others with its built-in search engine.

Pros: Upload images and videos, edit photos.

Cons: An error pops out when uploading multiple images.

VI. Shutterfly

This web page can be considered as a top of the line photo sharing site, since it takes over all of the’s customers. By using this page, every user is enabled to upload and save unlimited images within their original size. Moreover, this site also allows sharing of photos with up to 100 shares. And it also has a mobile app available for those who are fond of sharing images after a selfie.


Pros: Allows unlimited picture uploads, and up to 10 short videos.
Cons: User must have an invitation to view pictures from other people.

Aside from above free  image sharing service, there are other services available for you to upload images. These sites are pretty simple to use but having less features.

More Solutions

1. Blue Melon

Blue MelonBule Melon gives you the ability to upload photos using drag-and-drop method and create slideshows to share with family and friends. Besides, it also allows you to edit and sell photos.

2. PBase

 PBaseGiven basic photo sharing service, it enables you to share photos with friends by generating links to these files stored on their server. But it’s not a free image sharing site, you can get a yearly premium membership with 500 MB storage for $23 or 1500MB storage for $60.

3. Divvyshot

DivvyshotOn Divyshot, you can drag photos onto the page and upload them. Images uploaded by users are set public by default. But you can restrict viewing and just give permission to the person you want to share images with.

4. Fotolog

FotologFotolog is an online social network site based on photo sharing. You can comment on photos uploaded by others and write your own photo diaries. It also features a image searching engine which makes searching photos much easier by entering keywords.

5. Snapfish

SnapfishIt’s available for creating a private group for sharing your photos and videos. You can directly share your photos to social network or share them with the link address via instant messages or email.

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